About Us

Maryanne Ruperto


 Maryanne has been organizing and executing various events from meetings to fundraisers to birthday parties since 2006, but her passion was found in wedding planning. She has worked in various aspects of weddings starting her journey in the industry as a wedding consultant helping brides find their perfect dress. She eventually found her way to the hospitality industry where she worked more closely with brides. Now, Maryanne is a certified wedding and events planner and has used her imagination in planning a perfect and memorable event. She makes it a point to really get to know her clients so that she is able to personalize their event specifically to them. 

Michael Ruperto


 As Maryanne's husband, Michael plays a very important role to the team. Not only does he help in the organization of each event, but, with his background in creative arts, he has been able to assist in the designing process of each event.  

Shirley Tongson


 Shirley has become a very valuable asset to the team! She brings in originality and creativity and LOVES DIY projects. Shirley likes to make sure that every detail caters to the client and is just what they were looking for. 

Revelyn Orpilla


 With a background is aesthetics, Revelyn sees the beauty behind every detail. As an events designer, Revelyn pays very close attention to detail and ensures that every aspect is made to perfection.